Michael Wang with Manhattan Symphonie play piano concerto at Beijing Poly Theatre on April 10th, 2014.


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Ping Mu has studied piano and dance since she was four years old. She achieved her Bachelor of Music (Piano) degree from the Conservatory of Music of Southwest University, China. After completing her postgraduate study at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, she joined a highly respected Song and Dance Company in Beijing as a solo pianist and vocalist. She also published an album that collected several of her performances. Later on, she became the General Arts Director of the Beijing Blue Sky Company, a youth performance troupe that affiliated with the Beijing Television Station. She helped train a large number of young artists. She established the New Star Piano Art Studio in 1990. She also is a member of Northern Virginia Music Teacher Assoication (NVMTA) and a member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). The studio has already taught and trained over a hundred students whose ages range three to seventy. Ping is not only awe-inspiring but also has a sweet, patient, and understanding personality. Her extensive music education, training and experience adds to the knowledgeable method by which she teaches her students. Past students found her way of teaching easy to follow and quickly gained a new love for music. Ping shifts most of her efforts to concentrate on the spots that need the most work. Step by step progress is made in each area from basic understanding to mastery. Drills can be repeated as needed to focus on ear training, chords, scales, intervals, or any element of music theory. The result is that students quickly gain fluency with performance skills, sight-reading, playing by ear, composing, and memorizing of music.

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