Michael Wang with Manhattan Symphonie play piano concerto at Beijing Poly Theatre on April 10th, 2014.


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Music can be the spark that ignites all areas of children development intellectual, social and emotional, language and overall literacy. Music is a great organizer that helps the body and the mind work together. Music training especially helps children to develop the sense of beauty, not just internally and emotionally but externally and expressively. Learning to play piano provides a great way to master music in both practice and theory. Beautiful music can release a physical energy that will positively affect people skin, by strengthening the contraction and dilation of blood capillaries, improving the circulatory system, and speeding the process of metabolism. Furthermore, the sonic wave can stimulate the brain, excite the nervous system to produce needed hormones, and adjust the blood circulation.

Music brings beauty and harmony into our lives. It helps to open internal potential and promotes spiritual development of the person. It positively influences emotional and physical health of the person. Music gives pleasure and emotional satisfaction.

Our mission is not just to bring students beautiful music and a healthy life style but also an elegant disposition.

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