Michael Wang with Manhattan Symphonie play piano concerto at Beijing Poly Theatre on April 10th, 2014.


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New Star Piano Art Studio was founded in 1990 by Ping Mu: a pianist, music educator, and multicultural consultant. The studio has already trained hundreds of students. They include many small children, teenagers, and adults. Some of them are now college students who study majors such as engineering, psychology, music, art science, medicine, and aero space science. All of those students found that learning to play piano greatly helped their college study and campus life. Currently enrolled students and their parents greatly appreciate the programs offered by New Star Piano Art Studio. Such programs include a semi annual piano recital; performance opportunities at the state, city, or local level; art and music festivals, and piano compititions. Periodically, the studio invites musicians to give a lecture or performance that could further influence the students' love for music.

New Star Piano Art Studio is committed to help students achieve their musical goals. Lessons include not only piano playing, but also instruction in musical theory, ear training, technique, sight-reading, transposition and other skills. New Star Piano Art Studio will help students to certified with Piano Guild. The Piano Guild is open to students of all ages and levels. The purpose of the auditions is to establish goals for the earliest beginner as well as the advanced student. These goals attempt to give music study some definite direction and provide a measurement for progress. To learn more about the Piano Guild, please reference Musicianship Phase Chart 1, Chart 2 , and Chart 3 .

For more information, please contact at 703-992-6137 or e-mail to newstarpiano@gmail.com.

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